January 16, 2011

And the blogging begins...

Ok, well I dont even know where on earth to begin. My husband and I meet on a blind date in November 2005. It was a whirlwind relationship from the first week and by August 12th 2006, we said "I DO". Its been quite the journey...
Our little family consists of 2 cats; Lily and Ally and 2 dogs; Koda and Sasha. I know a "ANIMAL FARM"!! Our little four legged family started in 2007 with Ally, we were bored on day and decided we needed a kitten. So off we went, bought everythig in the store for her and we babied her to the plump kitty she is today. Later that year Sasha came from my Grandma and then my attention shifted to my little princess, and when I say princess I mean it! Then on a rainy day (No really it was raining!) there was a stray kitten at my door. With the face of and angel she melted my heart and it's history from there. Then my 80lb horse came. He wasn't always that big, he at one time fit in the palm of my hand. Now small children can ride him and on his feet he's as tall as me (5'9"). Some people say were obsessed but we dont have any children YET so their our babies.

I'm am attempting a second round of P90x. (The first round lasted approx 3 weeks) Can i just say that working out is utterly ridiculous and to do p90x on top of that is just absurd. I do not recommened the videos unless you have will power and coordination and I have neither! Among working out I am an avid Stamper not to be confused with Scrapbooker, because they are not the same! I repeat not the same. On top of that I love love love to sew, cook, bake and make jewelry. I'm one to try it all and just recently I attempted knitting. NO that will not be on my list of hobbies. That was a road I will not revisit for at least 30 more years. And of course last but certainly not least I am a complete and total "Twilighter" I love everything lately that include vampires. That would of course include the Vampire Diares. I'm obsessed!!

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  1. So you are doing the blog thing????? haha me too, at least im trying. The whole vampire thing.... Kinda rocks! Yes i said rocks! I have seen the Twilight movies, can you believe it? I did like them too. If you are into vampires you need to see True Blood its a HBO show and im in love. I have season one and two on dvd if you would like to see them..